Q: How does Med-Watch measure blood pressure?

A: Med-Watch uses Pulse Transit Time (PTT) via the optical heart rate sensor at the back to measure health data like heart rate and blood pressure. PTT measures the time it takes for a pulse to travel from the heart to the wrist, which is used to calculate the blood pressure readings. It is also recommended to stop blood circulation with a strap or cuff to measure blood pressure accurately.

Q: How long is the band and what wrist size does it fit?

A: The band is 22cm/8.66 inches long.

Q: Is Med-Watch compatible with my phone?

A: Med-Watch supports all phones except for HUAWEI.

Q: Do I need a phone to use Med-Watch?

A: You can use the watch on its own, but its features will be limited. To use the watch to its full potential and set the time, link it with your iPhone or Android smartphone.

Q: What are Med-Watch's app called and where can I find them?

A: Med-Watch's app is called "Da Fit" and and is free and available on any smartphone.

Q: Is Med-Watch waterproof?

A: Yes, you can wash your hands and shower with it, but for use in saunas, hot water baths, or ocean water we recommend the Med-Watch Waterproof.

Q: Does Med-Watch allow for making calls?

A: No, Med-Watch shows calls and message notifications, but it doesn't allow for making calls.

Q: How big is the screen on Med-Watch?

A: The screen is 1.4 inches.

Q: How do I charge Med-Watch?

Charger is included with every watch.

Q: How does the alarm on Med-Watch work?

A: The alarm on Med-Watch vibrates when time is up.

Q: Can I exchange Med-Watch if there's a problem?

A: Yes, Med-Watch offers a 30-day exchange guarantee.

If you have further questions, don't hesitate to contact us via email at info@med-watches.com.

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