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Hypertension is considered the major cause of fatal cardiovascular disease that eventually leads to death. According to records, more than 7.6 million people die yearly due to hypertension disorder. Generally, people are not aware of the fact that they are suffering due to hypertension. And highly preventive people get to know about their problem very quickly. 

Therefore, they can apply the requisite to control the blood pressure problem. In medical science, extended hypertension can eventually cause myocardial infarction, commonly known as heart attack or heart stroke. But, all thanks to the advanced technologies that act like life-saving devices, the blood pressure watch proves the best solution for hypertension patients. 

The Cause behind the Evolution of Blood Pressure Watch:

The risk factors that boost the development of hypertension in the human body can be due to aging, malnutrition, lack of exercise, stress level, etc. WHO has stated that hypertension is the most common problem faced by 40%of the adult population worldwide. 

Research conducted across 17 countries shows that 46.5% of hypertension patients know their problem. Amongst that, 32.5% of patients take anti-hypertensive medication to attain normal blood pressure. No one can discover the early signs of hypertension in a human being, so diagnosing it in a hospital or clinic is extremely difficult. 

Soon, new technologies started capturing the market, and finally, home blood pressure monitors came into a recommendation by AHA (American Heart Association). Soon it became an important method for diagnosing patients and adhering them to medication. It has even helped in increasing awareness & control of blood pressure. 

Traditionally, at most the house, sphygmomanometers are found. The equipment with oscillometric monitors can measure blood pressure using an inflatable cuff. Despite its extensive application, it has some drawback that somehow reduces its demand nowadays. 

For example, patients need to be cautious about the size and positioning of the cuff to get an accurate reading. Higher readings can even cause discomfort as well as anxiety that is caused due to inflation of the cuff. The biggest disadvantage with the design of the blood pressure monitors is that is not at all portable for use. It is because it’s noisy and bulky, making it more suitable for home use. Moreover, a home-based blood pressure monitor cannot capture fluctuating blood pressure. 

The value of the blood pressure fluctuates due to the movement of the heartbeats. It’s not unusual that the fluctuation is caused within a short time frame. This is possible due to the influences of external and internal factors, especially the emotional and environmental affect on the person. 

Conventional oscillometric sphygmomanometers provide only detail of blood pressure for a particular time when it’s functional. None of the circumstances are details, nor is any information collected to support fluctuation encountered throughout the day. Finally, this led to the evolution of the blood pressure watch to monitor even a minute fluctuation in blood pressure. 

Why Blood Pressure Watch is a Lifesaver?

The popular blood pressure watch is known to track heart rhythm and heart rate. It means that patients can warn about the danger that the heart will face, like arterial fibrillation. The watch is provided with a technique that can easily monitor heart rhythm and all other details. These details will be useful for hospitals to provide all the detailed knowledge about heart health. 

Details are quite enough to diagnose a complex heart problem. People can save themselves from serious heart problems with life-saving wearable devices. The device uses an accelerometer and gyroscope to detect falls in BP. If the fall is detected, devices soon request an okay beep, but in case of no response, it dials emergency contact. Watch fall option is even available in a few watches that work without effort. Features that make a blood pressure watch life saver are detailed below:

  • Ability to Monitors Higher Blood Pressure- Such watches possess the potential to measure blood pressure more accurately. This is because it can measure even the smallest reading, equivalent to 30 seconds. 


  • Put a Check on Heart Rate & Blood Oxygen Level: You can naturally control your blood pressure by checking your stress and diet level. But with the help of this feature in your watch, you can reduce the chances of heart attack or strokes. Incorporating the feature allows you to control the patient’s reduced health. 


  • Track Fitness: This feature is correlated to the patient’s behavior with heart health. This is possible tracking features integrated to monitor the steps, distance, and calories useful to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 


  • Improve Sleep- It is useful for a patient who lacks sleep and is unaware of it. With this feature’s integration, the abnormal sleeping habit can be transformed into a healthier and more supportive measure for waking up on time. Getting up on time can fill you with a lot of energy and enthusiasm to tackle your day. Proper sleep is considered the key to good health. 


  • Phone & Message Notification: This feature is installed on this device. The only reason you do not miss anything. It allows users to check upcoming calls and messages without missing them. 


  • Waterproof IP: You never need to take it off while bathing or washing hands. The only reason is that you do not miss out on how many calories you have with your activity performed. 


  • Stronger Battery Backup: You need to charge just 1 hour to allow it to last for a week. It means you will not spend much time setting the device and things to make it work smoothly. 


  • DafiT: This additional feature helps monitor health stats on the phone. This feature is operational with Bluetooth available on phones & devices. It will help in monitoring the health without any monthly rental.  


The blood pressure watch is considered the best innovative technology that helps people improve their health. Improved health can underline enormous business growth; therefore, many brands are available in the market. Therefore, healthcare is the rising pioneer in society. The need for healthcare is relatively expanded and is going to continue forever. An electronic device like a blood pressure watch will win the race with its immense creativity and development of new products. These products help promote and manage the health of patients and users who desire to keep their body fit. 

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