Does High Blood Pressure A Leading Reason To Cause A Heart Attack In People? How?

The heart is an essential part of our body, and many people assume that the heart is the only part that makes us alive. The statement is true if it stops beating, we die. This fact makes many people think about keeping themselves healthy by strengthening their hearts. The factor that causes heart failure, which has become common nowadays, is high blood pressure rate. 

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Stress, high workload, and having an unbalanced diet is the leading cause of high blood pressure. The excess strain and eventual damage in the arteries make the heart beat slowly, and blood flow to other body parts gets disturbed due to the buildup of fat, cholesterol, and other substances. So let us see the reasons for high blood pressure-


This is one factor that upgrades people's blood pressure levels. According to a survey and research, more than 80% of people in the US suffer from high blood pressure today. Due to work pressure and other family problems, people regularly tolerate hypertension nowadays. However, people's sleeping times are affected due to hypertension, and they also tend to suffer from insomnia. Therefore, it causes a risk of heart failure. Also, people with hypertension follow an unbalanced diet. As a result, they also become salt sensitive, as they tend to increase salt consumption levels. This can affect the blood pressure level and causes heart disease. 


Chain smokers damage their hearts by directly increasing their blood pressure levels. Therefore, smoking injures health, and this statement is also given on cigarette packets. However, despite reading this, people don't bother quitting smoking which causes an increase in the plaque in the blood vessels. This tends to cause Coronary Heart Disease due to the narrowing of the heart muscles where the arteries carry blood by plaque or are blocked by clots. In addition, chemicals in cigarettes thicken the blood to form inside veins and arteries.

Lack of Physical Exercise

People nowadays avoid their activity throughout the day by doing 30 mins of regular exercise. They are busy eating outside eateries. The lack of exercise and muscle strengthening causes g problem gastro s in the body that tends to cause heart attacks by increasing blood pressure levels. Triglycerides in the blood affect the heart arteries badly, which are caused by fatty food and no exercise. The high cholesterol in boos leads to high blood pressure levels, which eventually causes heart problems. 

Chronic Kidney Disease

Kidney problems caused by severe diabetes and other diseases are reasons to raise the blood pressure level. It lowers the blood pressure flow toward the wall of the blood vessels. In addition, the kidneys do not allow the person to lead an anemic lifestyle, lowering the hemoglobin level in the blood. Also, the blood count requirements disturb kidney problems raising blood pressure levels. Eventually, it affects the heart's pumping normally and concerns its beating by making blood clots in the blood vessels. 

Genetic High Blood Pressure Rate

Sometimes, it's become a tradition to carry a high blood pressure rate instead of taking proper care of yourself. For example, suppose your mother has high blood pressure; it tends to inherit in you automatically; you do regular checkups periodically. Though you know these facts, you keep a standard measuring of blood pressure with your mother in the clinic or have blood pressure in your home. In addition, you can use a Blood Pressure Watch to measure your family members or your' blood pressure. It is handy and takes a concise space to store in your cupboards. 

Consuming Too Much Alcohol

Drinking too much alcohol daily or binge drinking can raise blood pressure to unhealthy levels. Also, alcohol tends to increase hypertension; the relatively more significant effect of alcohol on diastolic blood pressure may indicate an imbalance in the nervous system that influences a disturbance in cardiac functions. Many doctors, besides, ask to drink alcohol but in a maintained way, like 1 pounce in one sitting every day. It also makes your heart strong and keeps blood pressure regular. 

What Happens Before you are Attacked by Cardiac Arrest

The momentary loss of heart function can cause an abrupt stoppage of heart pumping, loss of consciousness, and doping of breath. A sudden cardiac arrest is not similar to a heart attack when a part of the heart that has a blockage in the heat causes a sudden cardiac arrest in people. Immediate hospitalization and taking care of the person is necessary in this situation because the person having a cardiac arrest can also die. So what happens and the symptoms during a sudden heart attack caused-


  • Unconsciousness
  • Severe vomiting before heart attacks
  • discomfort in the arms, back, neck, jaw, or stomach,
  • Pain in the heart area in the chest, 
  • No breathing, 
  • No pulse, 
  • Sudden collapse, and many more.

If you are suffering or having these signs for two or three days regularly, you should visit a doctor immediately. In many cases, doctors suggest having a heart operation by infusing a pacemaker or strain in your heart by clearing the blockages in your heart. In addition, after you are detected with these heart diseases, you are advised to take proper care of yourself by maintaining a balanced diet and reducing the work pressure so that it doesn't cause any harm to your body. 


People should take primitive measures to maintain their blood pressure by regularly exercising, having a good sleep every day, consuming a balanced diet with less salt and sugar, and measuring it with a blood pressure watch. Unfortunately, this can also damage various parts of your body and the heart. The heart is a delicate organ that makes our body and brain active. If you suffer from heart disease, you will eventually injure your brain. 

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