7 Restorative Yoga Poses To Control Your High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure has made the life of people serious as they are continuously suffering from high stress, irritable life journey, anxiety, and many other symptoms.

To control their life to some extent, they consume a handful of tablets every day. But a few yogas can help you to make life easy and smooth. Since ancient days, many yogis have followed these norms to combat health problems related to high blood pressure. The tradition has been backed now, and intelligent people are moving towards and embracing yoga poses to stay fit and healthy. It would give additional energy to run and work throughout the day. 

Besides, if you are suffering from high blood pressure, you need to measure it every day because high blood pressure attracts severe risk of heart problems and other chronic diseases. For measuring blood pressure, acquire a blood pressure watch from MedWatch. They are very affordable and give good services in the long term. So let us see some of the best yoga poses that can control the high blood pressure level and help you to stay healthy-

  1. Forward Bending Pose for Uttanasana

Performing the Uttanasana is very easy because it is not required to give a difficult pose to your body as your body muscles are not stretched to do the default one. In doing the asana, you need a chair in front of you, then bend towards it without unfolding your knees. It stretches the leg muscles, which directly strengthens the elasticity of the arteries. People suffering from hypertension get huge benefits after doing this yoga pose daily for at least five minutes. It helps them to calm down their nervous system, regulate blood flow through veins, provide an accurate blood supply to the heart, and make it stronger. After daily yoga, check your blood pressure level by arranging a blood pressure watch. 

  1. A Right-Angle Pose or Viparita Karani

If you have a fat belly, this type of asana is a little difficult for you; but if you make it a habit by performing it daily, you will get satisfactory results. It also helps in reducing obesity side by side and controls high blood pressure levels too. It helps in circulating the blood so that it reaches every corner of your body and increases the hemoglobin concentration in the blood. It makes you look younger even after you reach your mid-age. To perform this asana, you must select a convenient position with a straight wall. Next, you must put up the legs by getting the support of the wall so that it looks at a right angle facing you. Now, slowly, put up your hip, too, so that it gets a perfect pose and helps you in giving huge benefits. 

  1. Child’s Pose or Balasana

This pose helps keep your entire body calm and relaxed. It also boosts energy in to your body so that you remain active throughout the day. Child pose takes little effort as it is very easy to perform. It helps open up the thigh muscles and eases the spine movement to grove an openness and length. Sit down and strengthen your hands towards the wall by keeping your head touching the knees. Then bend down in a sitting position and exhale and inhale for at least five minutes. It will also help to clear up your breathing system. It makes your heart pump strongly and prominently without disturbing the nostrils. 

  1. Hero Pose or Virasana

Yoga practices that help the breathing system have also hugely benefited in controlling the blood pressure level. For example, the yoga pose lengthens the exhale procedure by relaxing the nervous system; this helps reduce stress and increases blood circulation to control blood pressure. Practicing this pose daily gives vast benefits; you must sit upright and bend your toes in the opposite direction. Thus, acquiring a blood pressure watch from a reputable store to manage your blood pressure level at any time. 

  1. Bandhasana or Bridge Pose

As the name of the asana suggests, to practice this pose, you have to make a pose where you like a bridge by lying down at first and then putting chest to hip portion to resemble a bridge. It helps strengthen your spine and stretch your back portion, so brain nerves become more robust and strengthened. In addition, it helps in lowering your blood pressure level without having strict medicines. 

  1. Paschimottanasana, or Bending Forward Pose while Sitting

It helps to get relief from stress which is the biggest reason for increasing the blood pressure level, especially for those people who lead a hectic lifestyle and work late nights daily. It helps to make you stress-free and does not allow hypertension to ruin your life. Thus, to practice this yoga, you must sit straight and bend toward the ground making a curve. It has multiple benefits, too, stretching your backbone and keeping your body flexible. 

  1. Savasana or Corpse Pose

This yoga is the resting pose that makes your brain relax. It helps people who used to live stressful lives. It also helps in calming down the mind and reduces anxiety and anger. This type of pose helps you to keep peace in your surroundings and your life. Thus, when you relax your body, automatically, the blood pressure lowers and gives you the energy to run throughout the day. 



The impact of these yoga poses is pleasing and mesmerizing. You can realize them after having one hour of asanas daily to combat many health problems. But these asanas are the most beneficial in people with high blood pressure. They can help to normalize them and stop taking medicines daily. You can check your blood pressure by wearing a blood pressure watch and carrying it anywhere, and it is affordable and very much easiest to navigate.

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