How Do Blood Pressure Watches Work and What to Expect?

Have you been thinking of changing your lifestyle for the better? Or have you started medications recently to reduce your blood pressure?

Well, in such a situation, checking your blood pressure frequently and regularly is an absolute necessity to live a healthy life. Regular checking of blood pressure will help set better goals as well as keep tracking your progress regularly. Also, let’s not forget, checking your blood pressure at home is a good option for people whose blood pressure tends to shoot up every time they walk into a doctor’s chamber or hospital.

Now that you have understood the importance of measuring blood pressure at home, you might be thinking of investing in a blood pressure watch. Are you wondering about how it works and what exactly to expect? You are at the right place where you will find your answers.

How Does a Blood Pressure Watch Work?

The blood pressure monitors that doctors use comes with a cuff that is fixed and tightened around the hand to measure your blood pressure. But, that’s not how blood pressure watches work. A blood pressure watch measures your health data like your heart rate through its sensor placed at the back of the watch. When it comes to measuring blood pressure, watches tend to use the ECG if available.

The watch detects and records the time taken by a single pulse to travel from your heart to your wrist. You get to see the blood pressure readings based on PTT (Pulse Transit Time). In case, your blood pressure is high, the PTT is going to be faster, whereas if your blood pressure is low, the PTT is slow.

Simply put, a blood pressure watch monitors the time your blood takes to reach from your heart to the wrist, which then reflects your body’s blood pressure. This is how a blood pressure watch measures the blood pressure in a human body.

What To Expect When Using a Blood Pressure Watch to Measure BP

If you are new to the concept of using blood pressure watches for regular blood pressure monitoring, then you might be wondering what exactly to expect from this device. Is it reliable enough? Well, these questions cannot be answered in a word. Many doctors and healthcare professionals believe that using professional equipment is a must to get those accurate readings. The standard blood pressure monitors do tend to track your blood movement, and provide data that is reliable and fast. But with advanced technology available today, companies are coming up with blood pressure watches that are equally efficient and show accurate results with just a little calibration from time to time.

Although using an arm cuff device to measure the exact blood pressure of an individual is still considered the most reliable way by many. But let’s be honest, arm cuff devices turn out to be quite uncomfortable for a lot of people out there, especially for larger patients. This is why, a lot of health tech companies have been exploring simpler, and more convenient ways to measure blood pressure using wearable technology that is going to help everyone make healthier lifestyle choices.

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